The title says it all. I'm burning out VERY fast.

I. AM. F#CKING. DONE. The only thing that keeps me alive is one person that I care about. I want her to be happy. I don't want her to suffer from my own death. But I don't even know her name. She's anonymous, and she's very far from me...

I wanted this website to be something fancy, something interesting... But I'm useless piece of stupid sh1t. I only know very-very basic things about HTML and I'm complete zero at CSS and JS. I talked with some interersting people few days ago. They said that even idiot could learn JS. I couldn't.

I can't draw. I can't write music. I can't make any 3D or 2D computer art. I AM NOTHING. And it makes me really upset.

Wordpress? Oh no. It's the only option for making a forum? OH NO.

I have tried to deal with communication thing. The problem is that (as you may know) I'm stupid AF and I can't use WP. I will need to learn JS, CSS and the worst: PHP.

I really want to talk to you. To people, who likes my semi-website. I'm just... Curious. I want to know why you like it.

I had a dream. My only dream was creating something that I will like and others will like. I don't like my website...