Well, like I said before, my internet connection is very limited. I'm very afraid of it, so I didn't wasted my time. I roamed the city today, and I found a bunch of free Wi-Fi hotspots. Their speed is awful for obvious reasons, but they're enough to upload an HTML file to my website from my Android smartphone. The main problem is communication that will be cut off when my only private internet connection breaks. This is very important for me, because I have LOTS of mental problems that my parents don't want to deal with. If I'll lose communication, I'll also lose contact with one person that is very valuable to me... And it can be fatal.

The main reason of those suffering is that at least for now there's no way to create an unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot in our shelter. And I still can't find a job, because my mom is against it, and she wants me to spend ALL my time on learning useless sh#t from UA college, instead of learning PL language or earning at least SOME money. I'm pretty mad at her for that.

Still, I'm trying to improve my HTML and CSS skills (although I can't create anything better than you see right now), and I hope that I will use them to find a job soon. This website is a f#cking diary now...

What about communication?

I have good and bad news. The good ones: I actually found three ways to communicate with you. First one is a secret for now, but two others are ProBoards and SMF. But I'm afraid about their functionality.

But I still have one unchecked way to communicate, and also... About IRC... Same thing. I'm going to try to afilliate with some resources to use their forum or server for communication.

But... I need to survive first.