Well, we're f%cked up. Again.


Now, 17.07.2022, I can't access TKA. I mean, at all. It's server is unavailable, and I can't even view it's main page. Something is definitely wrong.

More than that: I've got a new laptop. But I'm not happy. Why? Because of Windows 11, and because of some hardware lock that does not allow me to install whatever I want on it. I dreamed about installing Manjaro or Arch GUI, but...

Now, let's count a small part of the huge problems I met when using this laptop during 3 weeks:

  1. This bullsh%t named Windows can't even open it's interface properly. I needed to wait 2 hours TO START my computer because I had no internet at that moment, but this piece of code DEMANDED me to connect to their sh%tty servers. What about people who don't have internet at all?
  2. I have only 15gb/mo, and two days ago I had to leave my computer for a while, and it was connected to the web, because I was playing OpenRA. ALL UPDATES, CHECKS AND OTHER SH1T WERE DISABLED. But when I came back, I saw a huge net activity on my phone. I disconnected it instantly, and then, update error showed up. This bullsh1t ate 3/4 of my MONTH internet traffic, and of course it ended yesterday. I have only 7kb/s speed now.
  3. This bullsh1t manages to lag AFTER FIRST BOOT. It lags when I'm writing this page in Notepad. It lags when I'm trying to open context menu. And this is on Ryzen 5 5600H. Optimization? Nah...
  4. I don't have functions I have used before. Not anymore. Since Windows NT 4.0 it was possible to start Task Manager by right clicking on the taskbar. But not anymore. Do I need to say that Task Manager freezes with (not responding) tab very often now?
  5. And this idiotic, stupid "standby" memory. WHO THE F%CK created it, WHY THE F%CK does it exist, AND WHY THE F%CK can't I disable it? It causes stutters EVERYWHERE! Even in f%cking PAINT!!!

I wish you will go bankrupt, Microsoft. And I wish that all you employes will burn in green flames.

Now, about this website. And about me, ya know.

I have no idea about what to do with it. I have 0 skills in JS, CSS and I have something around 0.2/10 in HTML. I'm not even planning to work with PHP, because I don't (and I hope that I will never need to) have a personal server where I could use it for my own forum or any other interactive thing. I truly don't understand how people are doing this with raw PHP and JS.

With this laptop I can finally use any software I want, because... Come on! RTX. But it's, of course, if I will manage to download them...

You may ask something like: "Why you, bastard, bought a new computer instead of good internet?" And I will answer you. BECAUSE A F*CKING RTX BASED LAPTOP IS CHEAPER THAN A GOOD INTERNET HERE. I was shocked, guys. Believe me. Of course I decided to get a new machine to at least use some open-source programs I already have on my portable hard drive. But I was never expecting of HOW BAD Windows 11 is.

Thanks to my terrible internet I can't use Discord properly. I have infinite connection process. Why can't they optimize their software? Does my website contains small amount of text? And the entire website (not including pictures) weights ~30kb. Why can't I use Discord in text-only mode? Sad thing.

What now?

I'm not even hoping that someone from there is here but... Can someone of TKA users try to contact Miles Prower? I'm really afraid that this beautiful forum can go offline forever. I have no contact with him. Maybe you have?

I really need to create public e-mail...