Rising and falling. Eternally.


SO... A few of my internet friends betrayed me. We met in 2019 but now it doesn't matter. Because they argued each other and deleted their accounts. Completely. It was painful.

Now, only one of them is here. I love her for this. She is my angel. She is the only thing that keeps me alive.

And... The good news. After 8 days of constant suffering, I FINALLY MANAGED to install Linux on my laptop. Now I have normal Radeon R3 and R5 support with VAAPI and cool OpenGL FPS boost. And it's far more smooth and stable than Windows 10.

MATE DE screenshot with Ratchet & Clank wallpaper

Oh, hello Ratchet! Nice to meet you here.

I luv this cute fluffy boy <3

Now, everything works fine, and I can finally use full power of this machine for, ya know, everything. I can develop my skills, so I could work here, in Poland, in the future.

Oh, about Poland...

A few extra months of free shelter. Amazing. I have enough time to learn language so I could at least undersad polish people. And recently, I managed to talk with one interesting person, thanks to english language that I know good enough to talk with others. Isn't it nice?


It's just taking a nap xd. I mean, for real. I can't work with it now because of college problems. But actually, if I'll find a job... I'll simply throw this sh1t away and will live here peacefully. I have everything I need: a food, a shelter, a basic internet access, and an OpenCL+SSE4 compatible laptop. I can record videos on my YT channel, and continue to grow! Nice.

Anyways, I'll never forget about it. It's not abandoned. It will continue to grow.