Whoa, 1998 sonic fan-site? With forum? Still ONLINE? Shut up and take my megabytes!


Yep. A few days ago I decided to visit Mystical Forest Zone website (that is online again under the new domain, in case if you don't know) and I found a bunch of links there. Of course most of them were dead already, but I decided to visit Archive.org again.

Shadow Flash, TTFF, High Fly, Concept: "Mobius"... They all had an ability to register and login. Who was there? What was there? We will never know. They're dead. Permanently. Their forums are offline, and their authors are unknown.

And one of them had another link. That's what I call "the web surfing". You're not searching anything. You're just exploring the web trying to find something interesting that may give you new experience. You're looking for fun. Or for something useful.

Success. There was a link to another forum, that was called "Sonic Verse Team". I found it's static website about comics pretty much interesting. It had THIS GOOD AND FRESH style and I loved it. This is how internet should look in my opinion. Not this stupid and flat "user and mobile-friendly" soulless style, oh no.

Of course I started exploring it, and I noticed one interesting thing.

The captures... They were... Recent?

I made, I'm gonna say, a day changing decicion. I tried to visit it manually. And OH MY F%CKING GOD, it was ONLINE! More than that - the pictures were on their places, and subdomain pages were alive! I started exploring it even further, and here's when I should say thanks to developers of forums like this. Internet load was so small, that I wasted only 31 megabytes of traffic while I was exploring this fancy world during... I don't know... Six hours? That's what I call "optimization". It looks amazing, and it works amazing. This forum definitely made my day MUCH MORE BETTER. It was similar as breathing a fresh and clear air after few days of breathing smoke. I felt myself there, like I was in that era of the web, when simplification was not a thing. Everything was somehow unique. I found lots of cool stuff there already, and I will continue to do so.

I tried to register there, of course. But registration needed a confirmation there, which is kinda obvious, because, ya know... Bots... I never hoped to pass it, because I understood that this forum had last activity in 2021, so it's admin can be offline forever already. It really happens, guys. And it happens very frequently...

I found a contacts there, and tried them, but I never hoped to be contacted in responce...

Oh gosh, I was SO wrong. He replied me yesterday. I was so happy, and I'm still is.

Can you visit it? Of course you can. Just remember to be nice.

This website is also called "The Irregulars", by the way, so don't worry if you will see this name.

There are things much more important and beautiful than modern social networks. We must to remember them, guys.